9 Oct 2011

Renegade Craft Fair London

In the afternoon today I made my way leisurely to Renegade Craft Fair to have a gander what was going on and I'm glad I did. Bricklane was madly busy and full of tourists and I was glad to get off the street.

I got to meet James Ward @Jimbobart who was most welcoming when I awkwardly introduced myself flashing my little business card. Here is dressed as a wolf selling his super fantastic animal goodness ;-)

I also enjoyed the sweet work of Robin and Mould who were both there to sell their beautiful screen printed textiles. Find more about them here :: http://robinandmould.blogspot.com

The display of Desiree B. also caught my eye. A fantastic green mix of sewn owls and trees.

This greeting card in particular made me laugh ;-) Find Desiree :: here ::

Finally I got to chat to Kate Sutton. This is her gorgeous stall filled with wonderful things.

I couldn't resist buying this super sweet alpaca tote bag. www.katesutton.co.uk/

I hope you all have a wonderful evening! x


Angel Szafranko said...

looks like it was a lot of fun!

Nina Jørgensen said...

Ah I really wanted to go but didn't make it! Pictures look really nice though!

Ana said...

It's nice to put a face into the works that you admire, even if it is in a wolf mask (I also like Jim's stuff). Nice photos, I really wanted to see how the fair went :)

Desiree B. said...

Thanks for the mention. Lovely to meet you. Email me your address and I'll send you a Bird Reynolds.

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

Hey Desiree! Great to meet you too -Thanks so much. I'll email you in a min ;-)