14 Oct 2011

Hear Us Roar!

Yesterday I wrote this blog post and then I got so distracted I never shared it. Oh dear! How are you all?

The air is changing, the colours are slowly changing and we are changing as we move into another autumn. It feels nice. A bit of calm and a comforting season in this busy life.

This morning I took a photograph out of my window. It was light but the moon was still there in the sky.
I think I decided today that I like being up early ;-)

In the current issue of Digital Artist (25) is a six page interview with me where I talk about my work, worldly balances and my collaborative projects. I really enjoyed the introduction written to the piece.

"The best folktales have a dark edge. Conversely, the best folk art pops with colour - perhaps as a visual way of whistling in the dark, perhaps a celebration of the richness of northern Europe's storytelling tradition.
Sandra Dieckmann's nature inspired illustration has got that elusive, comfortable yet disquieting quality in spades. (...)"

Go grab a copy if you may just here or pick it up in shops here and there.

It's a rather nice issue and also features an artist retrospective on the very brilliant Nick Sheehy.
I love his work very much and you shouldn't be missing out on it either! @showchicken

A big Thank You also to Maria Bogade! I won her giveaway the other day and with it her lates book 'Getting Dressed' published by Harper Collins Big Cat. Maria is a talented Children's book illustrator and a very lovely person to say the least. Say hi to Maria on twitter @mariabogade

Let me finish the blog post with this snippet from the Pink & Blue blog with a feature of my work and a beautiful credit to Steve Jobs who sadly passed away last week. Hear us roar!

"I think we were all sort of devastated with the loss of Steve Jobs yesterday. In terms of creativity in communications and innovations- the guy was simply the best. After I heard the news of his death I was looking at these illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann and was reminded of what a force a nature Jobs was in technology and creative thinking. He was humble, caring and subtle- but he truly changed our world and his "roar" will be heard for lifetimes. I will truly miss him. "

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