7 Oct 2011

One Long Moment

I haven't had a minute in so long to blog properly but here I am. I thought I update you guys what's been going on recently. Where do I start and how will I not forget about half of it?

First of all I stocked up on everything and a whole box of beautiful greeting cards arrived from Ripe Digital yesterday. Absolutely awesome quality and highly recommended. The cards will be available in my Etsy shop soon. Thank you all for visiting my store and sending me those lovely emails and comments. I try my best and answer everybody but time flies away so quickly these days and this is still only a one man show. I really appreciate every single word. Thanks so much!

These lovely items are also making their way to the shops of my stockists which leads me to the second topic of this blog post.

I have three new and very brilliant stockist selling my wares.

No.1 is 'No Guts No Glory' in Exeter where my prints will be on the shelves from tomorrow.

NO GUTS NO GLORY is a community based collective of creative people from around the UK, established in November 2009 by Nathan Blaker. Also representing the likes of Joel Millerchip, Jack Teagle and Owen Gent. Twitter @NGNGDESIGN, Facebook

No.2 is Curiouser & Curiouser in Edinburgh. A beautiful little shop with a very special shopkeeper ;-) Twitter @CuriouserShop and Facebook . Be sure to check it out. It's real eye candy! All of it!

No. 3 will be 'The Old Fire Station' in Oxford which will launch in November so more about that then ;-)

Apart from that a long interview with me and a transmission mixtape was published by Polkadot magazine yesterday. You can see and read it all :: here :: Follow the mag on Facebook if you are there!

Twitter @polkadot_mag

(My 'Polkadot Panda' illustration for Transmission 01)

Issue 25 of Digital Artist also went on sale yesterday ! There is a long interview with me in it too ;-)

I haven't got my own copy yet but when I do I shall show more pics. Be sure to check it out. It's filled with great tutorials and talent.

Moment Skies and I have been collaborating the last couple of months on two Ski designs I'm creating for the brand. I wanted to give the guys a shout out and say Congrats to a very beautiful, stunning new website. Go Go Go Moment! http://www.momentskis.com/ :: Facebook :: @MomentSkis

The brilliant guys at 'Ohh Deer' that I'm working with have given us a sneak peak of the delights you can expect when their brand new website launches here on their blog. Oh my! T-shirts by Jamie Milk, Alice Potter and many more. Here is my bison Tee.

It's going to be wild. Tees are available through the blog at the moment and my boyfriend is already sporting these two designs proudly ;-)

Too much in one blog post? I think so! More another day ... Sleep well world and don't forget - enjoy the sun because it won't shine everyday! Little Crumb certainly knows how to.


Maria Bogade said...

Wohoo, Sandra! You are on a roll! So happy for you!!! By the way there is something on the way to you, so watch out for the postman next week ;-)! x

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

Whirlwind ;-) I shall watch out for that naughty postman ... he only ever brings me 'You were out' cards even when I'm in! Looking forward to it ;-)

Origami Chicken said...

Wow you've been a very busy girl! Loving all of your new printed material! And I'll definitely be popping into No Guts No Glory next time I'm in the area. Keep up the beautiful work :) x