16 Sep 2009

Getty Images Conributor

Hallo Everyone!

As Getty Images put it: "Congratulations! You are now part of a select group of photographers that has the opportunity to participate in the Flickr Collection on Getty Images."

A while ago I was contacted by the editors of Getty images that led me know they liked my work and would love to make it available for sale and licensing on their new website.
For the first time, Flickr and Getty Images have established a way to bridge the world of photography and illustration with commercial stock photography.

A few weeks later with forms signed and send of I'm now part of their collection and everyone wanting a piece of Sandra Deckmann can now go to Getty Images and get it!

I'm still in the process of uploading all full res images that have been requested but you can already have a peak at my work on there HERE.

I trust my images will be in good hands there :-)


Veja cecilia said...

wow, what a cool thing. I use gettyimages alot when i make image/mood board!

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Yes! It's a really cool system. I love the clouds where you can pull out images. I just have to start earning royalties now ;-)

lea said...

congratulations! really cool, actually i didn't know about getty images - but sounds like a great system.

aimee said...

i adore your new banner! (i think it's new. sometimes my processing time is delayed and i don't notice things for a while). just great!