11 Sep 2009



My interpretation of this weeks weekword BEGIN...
Laurie has chosen this week's word.

Sometimes you have to go along way...one aim...and another...and another...you never know how long your way will be but you have to begin somewhere!

Have a good night folks!


Fruenswerk said...

Yes, the beginning can be a looong one...very COOL :)

Caroline said...

Superb - that's quite a journey!

Veja cecilia said...

marvelous! I would like to walk up those stairs!

Linda Sue said...

Steps of curiosity- I am wondering what marvels await at the top of these incredible stairs! I want these stairs in my house!

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Thank you everyone!
Yes...that would be quite a journey.
At the moment I don't feel up for it which is a pitty because I'm sure many good things would come my way if I started walking ;-)

Linda...if you like the stairs in your house I can send you a print ;-) x

Laurie said...

Beautiful artwork! Great interpretation!