6 Oct 2010


To celebrate you lovely people I want to give generously.

And here is how to enter:
// Browse through my website www.sandradieckmann.com
// Leave a comment here and tell me which one is your favourite illustration.
// I also want to know which animals you would like to see featured on my upcoming set of christmas cards and what winter suitable outfit they would be sporting.

The winner will be chosen randomly and will receive their favourite illustration as a print, will have their idea turned into a postcard and get lots of other goodies as well!

Hey Ho Lets Go!
Deadline is Thursday the 14th of October!!!

Ohhh my:
First of all I want to say thank you to everyone for all these amazing comments.
It has been such a delight to read them all ;D

I have picked the winner with the truly random number picker online and the winner is ...
Number 31 // Meyou



andrea said...

I would love to see a SLOTH wearing reindeer horns. LOVE IT.

And this is my fave: http://c0573862.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/1/1/39904/671203/Panda.jpg :)

danielleyc said...

I LOVE the wolfy animal love one: http://www.sandradieckmann.com/#533009/-Animal-Love :D

I also LOVE the polar bear one here: http://www.sandradieckmann.com/#512424/-Endangered-Animals

Sorry I couldn't choose which one I like the best :D

I would like to see you make a mouse in a big wooly christmas jumper with cute patterns, maybe even a kitty on the front? :)

Daria Hlazatova said...

oh, i love all of them! you are one of my favourite illustrators ever! but i think the ragdoll cat portrait is the amazing-est of the amazing))
i'm happy i'm not the only one who thinks your Christmas cards should feature a sloth)
fingers crossed!))

kimi said...

Trying to narrow down a favorite is hard! The second image of foxes in Animal Love is so beautiful and really draws me in, but I also find the first polar bear scene "Don't Forget to Write" to be so poignant! Perhaps that one is my top favorite; it's just so touching.

I would love to see more foxes and polar bears together, perhaps with string mittens or striped, wooly scarves. Maybe even a little cup of cocoa to keep them warm?

Laura Zalenga said...

i just saw your giveaway on flickr and HAD to look at you homepage. i'm really impressed your truely talented!!

and i more than adore the 'red panda' (2nd from 'TOP 5 prints)!!!

and i would love to you to illustrate a pug for the 'animal love' series!
yours laura

Michelle said...

I think my favorite is from the animal love series - the one of the red panda snuggled on top of the trees. So lovely!

I would love to see your take on a tiger in a winter scene. I think it would just need a cozy winter hat.

sfer said...

I think (it's so hard to choose) that my favorite is this one: http://www.sandradieckmann.com/#510715/IM-UR

And for Xmas, I would love to see a penguin wearing an oversized cowl :-)

Thanks for the chance!!


Mariette Jans.nl said...

We are friends on flickr, and I have a couple of favorites added a long time a go ;) And now youre here love that!

stefania said...

My favorite illustrations are those that you created for the Ballad Of Magazine. I love the polar bear, and the colors are just amazing!!

I would love to see an english bulldog wearing a cute sweater with reindeer on... or maybe snowflakes!!

Thanks for the lovely giveaway!!!

Galit said...

Oh, it's so hard to pick just one! I love all of your illustrations so much!
My favorites are from the Animal love series. Especially the Rhino and the bear.
As for a new animal suggestion - definitely a lion! In an Adidas classic hooded jumper! (something like this one) not sure it is the perfect outfit for Xmas but I think it is for a lion!

JULIE ♥ ADORE said...

I love the colors of The Bumble Bear & The Grizzly Bee & i want see koala :))

Lix Bacskay said...

Damn it's so hard to choose between the Tiny Talk - "Heroes Are Hard to Find", the Endangered Animals - Polar Bear shaking its head, and the black and white line drawing of the storm of morphing animals creeping up on the unsuspecting human with back turned. Love them ALL! :)

I think in a pinch I'd go with the colour and humour of Heroes Are Hard to Find, it just reminds me of so many good things in my life.

For your cards, I'd love to see Polar Bears and Lemurs in pink Tutus wearing Russian Ushanka hats! ;)

Tor Emms said...

I'm really taken with the surfing sheep from your 'Amelia's Magazine' collection, he made me chuckle. And your Elephant with multiple Pandas piece from your 'Animal Love' collection is so very heart warming. Would be chuffed to win either of those, I have a white wall in my bedroom crying out for some colour!

For your winter Christmas cards, I'd love to see you illustrate some little animals, like gerbils, mice or Guinea Pigs with big warm comfy slippers... maybe chilling with a mulled wine!? I reckon they'd be blumin marvellous!x

Dita Rachma said...

I like your website, simply lay out so makes me easy to see all of your illustration. Maybe you can play something with font in the left side (just an idea).

Well that's too hard to choose just one but ok! i decided that i'd love to have this :
^I am falling in love with this illustration at the first sight.. then the monkey one : http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4141/4752783947_31d20ccf11_o.jpg . Beautiful and never bored to see it for long long time ;)

Hmm.. For your cards i'd love to see some owls or pugs with some accessories in their body like hat of Santa (maybe), shoes, bag, shawl, something that the animal can wear it.

^_____^ Thanks and have a great day xx

Diana said...

I love your work!

Hmm, i love the Cat Coffin and Mr Ragdoll Cat photos best.

I love bunnies, so I'd love to see some hares romping around your shop ;)

Nikki said...

I have two favorites and I honestly couldn't tell you which one I love most.



So beautiful.

I would love to see a coyote with a sprig of mistletoe tied to his head. Mischievous and cute. :)

Emma Cowley said...

Gotta say I love your crane, here: http://www.sandradieckmann.com/#671203/-TOP-5-Prints

It just looks so awesome and exultant!

I reckon an echidna would be super-duper cute. Wearing maybe a light-up Christmas hat, or some little woolen booties.

I think I want a pet echidna now!

Karina Yarv said...

Hi Sandra!
My favorite artwork is 'Honeytiger'!
Why? I find something a little bit sad in this one... and these geometric shapes around and on the trees...they remind me of kites in the sky, but they are in the forest)
Amazing trees and characters! My favorite!
As for the second 'thing' :)
Oh I am a hare-fan, hah.
It is too predictably, but I love them so much.
I wish you could draw a HARE wearing winter-overal (but I wish I could see his little pretty tail though!)


Bella said...

Same here......so many pleasing illustrations....but I think my favourite of all is The Mixtape Project.

For the Christmas Cards, I would say a Reindeer wearing polka-dotty wellybobs, in a sleigh, with 12 father christmases pulling it along. It's Rudolphs turn to sit back this year.

buttercup caren said...

Wow!! This is one of the most fun giveaways I've seen!
Favourite (hard to pick just one!) is the Giant Turtle: http://www.etsy.com/listing/54803936/giant-turtle-a4-matte-print

I had a moment with a 200+ year old snapping turtle, and that image reminds me of that special time.

As for a Christmas animal & outfit for Christmas? An owl wearing a top hat. All dressed up for Christmas dinner.

Jamie Mills said...


I think one of my favourites is the page with lots of trees and bits from The Bumble Bear and Grizzly Bee.

And I think that a Panda wearing the skin of an iridescent Reindeer (as it's for Christmas...) would make a nice card.


AnnaDenise said...

1) I really like this one: http://www.sandradieckmann.com/#519039/-Dressed-Up and, of course, the bumblebear and the grizzly bee (as you know!)

2) I would like to see you draw a ladybug with boots on :-) Hehe!

Thanks for doing these kinds of things Sandra! You rock!

Anonymous said...

I love your endangered animals series especially the rhino!!

Hmm I think you should have a koala bear with big fluffy earmuffs and a scarf, would be interesting as its not an animal you would link with winter :)

Itziar San Vicente said...

The panda of Endangered Animals (http://www.sandradieckmann.com/#512424/-Endangered-Animals)

A ferret for Christmas Card :D

jdavissquared said...

Just found your work, and I love, love, love!

My favorite is the bumble bear...awesome!

I'd love to see a tiger dressed in ice skating attire!

Dee Andrews said...


My favourite is the curled up cat here (couldn't link to exact image) : http://www.sandradieckmann.com/#533009/-Animal-Love

And I would LOVE to see you draw some rabbits, possibly a group of them for carol singing etc?

I'd love to see the rabbits in little santa outfits :)

Dee x

Joy said...

I love them all but especially the Red Panda, so adorable!!

For Christmas cards, two love birdies snuggling up to keep warm. :D


Wendy bij de Ley said...

I <3<3<3 ragdoll Sanna ---so so sweet!!!!!!
and i would love to see black cats wearing uggs - hihi - :) greetz Wendy X

itslikeart said...

Ohh I love all your illustrations - I think the wolves in the animal love pages are my favs! So lovely :)

love Rache x

curethisheart said...

all your animals & illustrations are super endearing! i think my faves are the bumble bear & gizzly bee ones & your sweet 'don't forget to write' where the bears are saying goodbye. awww. i'd love to see a snow boot-wearing wolf or bear all snuggly for winter times! (anything wearing an oversized knitted hat would be super cute too!) x x

Meyou said...

My favorite illustration most be Cat Coffin. I often feel more of a cat than a human. I connect with almost every cat I met but towards humans I am pretty socially backwards. And I collect swallows, jewelery, art, figurines etc... I am a cat who chase swallows and sometimes they are so damn hard to get that I just want to lay down, and fall into eternal sleep.
I love Cat Coffin for the body is of a sleeping cat, you can tell it's still alive. But it harder to see if the human girl is alive or dead. I would love to believe that in her dead she actually turns into the cat she really is. That she was just a cat trapped in a girls body. Then dead wouldn't be so bad after all.

For x-mas I would love to see some animals that we usually don't associate with winter landscapes.
Zebras dressed up as a reindeers (example wearing reindeer-horn hat as the pony in this photo http://www.hooks.se/Assets/ProductImages/Medium/930164/930164_01.jpg from Hööks Hästsport in Sweden), pulling a sleigh and maybe a lion dressed up as Santa.

Or maybe carnivores (wolf, bear, lynx etc) who is the reindeer's enemies in the wild should be dressed up as them?

And again, I love all your work.


Russty said...

I love the illustration, 'Heroes are hard to find'. It was such a hard choice though. All of your work is so full of beautiful colors and pattern. But something about the way the animals are all together helping one another got to me.

For the x-mas card I'd love to see some birds wearing antlers and scarves trying to pretend it's a cold winter when they really live in a hot climate. It was very hot in our small California town yesterday and it has me dreaming of snow and winter. I imagine our poor wild birds here are ready for winter as well.

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

Ohhh my:
First of all I want to say thank you to everyone for all these amazing comments.
It has been such a delight to read them all ;D

I have picked the winner with the truly random number picker online and the winner is ...
Number 31 // Meyou