17 May 2010

weekword 'mother'

It's me again! For the third time today ;-)
It's just that I haven't played weekword in such a long time and I thought I make a contribution.

This weeks word was 'mother'.
My mum Doris died in 98' at the age of 37 when I was only sixteen. I think of her often and she is always with me. I'm very lucky to have had such a beautiful and strong lady on my side to guide me into adulthood and I'm also lucky to have had so much time during her illness to slowly say goodbye.
A lot of my strength comes out of knowing that nothing last forever and nothing really matters unless you make it matter!

Just let go!


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Next Monday  Linda Sue is choosing the next weekword!


Ramires said...

beautiful tribute, I know she is proud of the talented daughter

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Thank you ;-)

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful, sad and strong. I love your picture, it says everything.

Veja cecilia said...

love this. very very nice. and nice to see you back on weekword again:)

hanna-happenings said...

This is such a beautiful image! Oh my, such power!