22 Apr 2011

Print Gallery


How are you enjoying this wonderful sunny good friday!

I'm planning to integrate a gallery of my prints that you have bought from my Etsy shop, Society 6 store and my stockist From The Wilde or that you have won in various giveaways on my website and so on.
I reckon it's gonna be pretty complicated to get back in touch with all of you but I will try. So if you read this and you have a few moments to grab your camera please help out and take a picture of my print on your wall or wherever you have placed it. Let's see if this is something that I/we can get together.
Just email the biggest picture you have to sanidieckmann@gmail.com with the title 'Print Gallery'. Thank You !!!

Some examples ::

1 comment:

Daria Hlazatova said...

beautiful! when I'm rich, I'll buy this wolf print :D