25 Apr 2011

'T' is for TUKOTA // Illustrated Type exhibition

These are two T's for an Illustrated Type exhibition I will be showing in next month in LA, US. Dimensions each 4" x 4" pencil & pen on paper. Originals will be up for sale there!

More info can be found in the new NEWS section on my website :: http://www.sandradieckmann.com

I have designed the letters in-keeping with the theme of my upcoming White Bison Book 'TUKOTA' I'm working on at the moment but I haven't decided yet if they will be used.

So long!


Claire said...

This is amazing!!

Annarack said...

I'm surprised you didn't get involved with the Totem exhibition by the Inkygoodness team. But then I know you are a very busy bee.


● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

Thank You Claire!

Annarack ... yes I had noooo time! my book is taking it all up amongst other things! Looked super fun though!