20 Apr 2011


I'm happy to announce that I can now present some stunning A3 prints to you!

To beginn I have chosen 5 of the most popular prints to be made available to you.
For sale are the spooning Squirrels, Grizzly, Sweet Dreams, Red Panda and the Crowned Crane.

All of the prints are available in my Etsy shop where you can find further information.
Please let me know your thoughts. I really appreciate your comments and find it important to know if there is anything I'm missing. Have I forgotten your favourite?

Thank You & now go grab yourself a treat! x


Sophie said...

Are you kidding me?! These are gorgeous; I now want that bear print in A3 size!

Jo Cheung said...

Been meaning to use my newish A3 printer and actually print A3 stuff!!!

Too scared :s