17 Oct 2010

Clapton Pond in Hackney for London Fanzine

I was asked to submit to a fanzine with the topic "My favourite spot in London".
The fanzine will be published in postcard format.
You can see the front and back here!
A very personal project that I very much enjoyed!
I will show and tell once it is published!


Thomas G. P. Ball said...

The GF loves this! Has asked if there was a landscape version that she can have for her laptop background?!

/////\\\\\\ said...


Daria Hlazatova said...

this is so lovely, Sandra!

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

Thank you everyone ;D
Thomas there isn't ;( Maybe she can use half?
I wish there was one now!

inbox12 said...

Preparing a post about you for our blog (we want to dedicate a presentation to everyone who took part in the fanzine ;))and happy to find this :)