18 Oct 2010

Christmas Lynx // Festive Furries No.1

I know it's way early but to celebrate Christmas but for everyone wanting to send out a lovely card or give away a print as a present this year I'm creating some 'Festive Furries' for all of you that like my work.

The Furries will soon be available as postcards as well!
I order and sell them as soon as I'm done.

This is the Christmas Lynx, sporting a warm jumper with the first print of my Christmas Jumper series. Complete with mittens and bells on the ears he is sure to make someone smile!

Get the print on Society 6 or in my Etsy store:


lovebirdstationery said...

That is one cosy Lynx. Those colours are most becoming. I especially like the gloves. Bravo, bravo!

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

Thank you very much indeed! I do like him too...it's not often I can say that when I finish a piece...hehehe x

Maria Dermengiu said...

so cute! I really like it!