14 Oct 2010

Christmas Jumper T-shirt No.1

I had an idea a while ago and now I'm turning it into reality.
Have you ever seen a Christmas Jumper T-shirt?
Everyone including me goes mad for those oversized knitted goodies in the winter and I miss the prints during the rest of the year so I have decided to come up with some designs to be printed on Tees.
This one is No. 1 in the series!

Also, I'm currently working on a set of Christmas postcards that will be available for sale if I ever make it before it is all over and I'll be dressing my animal friends in those designs. There will be mittens, hats, scarfs and of course Christmas Jumpers!

This design will hopefully be approved by Threadless soon and up for scoring.
Here is the link: http://www.threadless.com/submission/...er_T_Shirt

UPDATE // I have also played around with a knit stich pattern to give the Christmas Jumper a more textured look. Which one do you prefer?
Update again // The tee won't be able to be printed through Threadless because of their printing ways. I think it's a little complicated and doesn't qualify for the belt printing technique. Must find an alternative way ;D


Alice said...

I really like them both but particularly the one with the knit texture. it sort of binds all the colours and shapes together.

Anonymous said...

No. 2 for sure, love the detail. Need one of these for xmas! Me and Lindsey both! x

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

I knew it ;D
Shouldn't have send the first to threadless!
The second one is submitted as well as an updated version.
Wish I could print it now! And send it to yous!

christmas jumper said...

That looks really cool on her. It's a great piece. It fits and hugs his shape perfectly.