9 Aug 2010

Crowned Crane

I'm so tired. The weekend seemed to be going on forever which is nice. Loads of fun, food and meeting friends. London fields fete, House warming party, my friends Sky Larkin's album launch party and finally the highlight of the weekend the Silver Apples gig at the luminare yesterday night. Amazing is all I can say!
This morning I finished off my illustration of the Crowned Crane for Helen Birch of DrawDrawDraw who won my giveaway celebration. This and a charity shop prezzie will be on the way to her soon!
I hope this bird is what you wanted ;D
Crumb and me are taking it easy today. Loads of work in the pipelines but I need to really pace myself.
Hope everyone is having a good Monday. I know how hard they can be. Hehehe
Fingers crossed my printer will be arriving today!


Mya.L said...

Crumb Crumb Crumb!!!! Bigger fan than ever!

Hollie Jane said...

Hi Sandra,
I am loving your work!
Just a quick question actually.... I work in collage too... i love using found papers etc for my images, i was wondering how you scan your collaged bits so beautifully? i always lose colour intensity and get rubbishy shadows (not good shadows)
it might just be my scanner but just thought id see if theres a special trick :)

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

No special tricks!
It's just a good old Epson scanner!