10 Aug 2010

Posty Tuesday

Today I send parcels and artwork to Yorkshire, San Fransisco, Seattle, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Surrey! Dear Dear! How exciting! Did you see my shop is now fully open ▶ http://www.etsy.com/shop/SandraDieckmann 
If there is any artwork you like and you would like to see available for sale please do let me know!
I have been test printing on various papers and have nearly used up the first batch of my super expensive archival ink! Ouch! See my artwall is filling up...hehehe

One of my parcels contained all the goodies that are going to the winner of my giveaway Helen Birch.
It's a lovely bird related selection with my original 'Crowned Crane' illustration , prints and the fantastic bird cafe looking forward to reaching their new home.

I'm still as tired as yesterday as the Cd that came with the printer was absolute garbage and after 12 h of installing and uninstalling I finally chucked it in the bin and got some drivers online. Now it's ok.
Today I don't have pictures of Crumb but this beautiful little lady instead. My flatmate rescued her yesterday night. Absolutely matted and only skin and bones we took her in and she spend the night in our house eating Crumbs food, drinking heaps of water and being a very very sweet guest.
Even if the pictures don't show it her back was so skinny!
This morning we said goodbye when the RSPCA officer came to pick her up.
It brakes my heart when I think about her now. She really was an amazing little character and I would have loved to keep her if I could!

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Pavel said...

That cat is just so unbelievably cute!