6 Aug 2010

Blue Rhino

I'm working on a collaborative series of 10 endangered animals as you may have seen already.
Who with is still a little secret but we shall reveal it soon I think ;D
This is my 8th of the collection of animals the Blue Rhino. I still have the Turtle and the Elephant to draw and maybe the polar again because I bet you I can do better..hehehe..
Hope you are enjoying this Friday.

Next on my list today is the illustration for the winner of my giveaway Helen Birch of DrawDrawDraw!
A fabulous bird with head dress has been asked for. Let's see what I can do...
maybe updates later...cheerio everyone!

Crumb's been sleeping the entire day away on the window ledge right next to me.
He's been twitching in his dreams...all warm and cuddly and when I played Fleetwood Mac his tail moved with the music...such a sweetheart!