15 Nov 2011


After a house party that went slightly out of control and being up for 2 days with 200 people in the house at some stage, not enough sleep and commission work waiting to be fulfilled I'm now perfectly at my end, hence not writing too much.

This is little preview of a commissioned piece that I will tell you more about later. 

Don't forget my giveaway is ending tomorrow as well. Come and join us here I'm looking forward to announcing the winner ;-) x


Phara said...

Looks great! And that must have been some houseparty ;-)

niki said...

eww no i hate the ocean. but i love boats and that boat is adorable :)
~niki from the young and immortal

Saskia said...

Wow. I think i fell in love with your illustrations! It's awesome :D

+ said...

I saw your work on my Tumblr feed, you have to be one of my new favorite artists! so glad I've found you! :)


Hannah said...

This is gorgeous! 200 people! I would be pretty tired too!