17 Nov 2011

Ten Giveaway Winners

Good afternoon! I have to say this was hard. Never have I procrastinated so long over doing something.
It's not true at all actually as I am a brilliant procrastinator ... but still.

I was overwhelmed and humbled by your numerous comments on my November Giveaway.
Not only by the number of entries but by the time many of you took to reply very individually and personally. I wish I could say something back to each and every single one of you.

Doing these giveaways online has many meanings. Some might think it's a way of measuring your following perhaps or a way of getting praise. I'm sure a giveaway automatically does that but it's not about that essentially. For me it was again an occasion to say thank you and meet everyone that did attend very briefly and digitally here on my blog. Everyone that's been around since I started and everyone that was just captivated by something for a moment or even greedy for a little price.
You are all very welcome ;-)

I wouldn't put my work out there if I didn't want you to look at it and enjoy it, share it and take it into your own life. My nature allows me to do nothing less and nothing more and so I'm happy to hear how much it means to you and how it inspires you. Your comments will carry me with joy to continue!

To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour. William Blake

Not getting to deep here I want to say Congratulations to my ten winners!
danielle medico has it all and for Felicity (EFFFII) , bear , Emmeline Illustration , Beth Knight , deeandrewsillustration , Ester , littlebirdbigcity , Jessica Palotas & Luis there is one price each as well. On the photo above you can see what you have won. If you see your name here email me with your address so I can get it to you soon soon soon. 

Thank You all so much! 

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