11 Jun 2011

Stags, Patterns & Digital Arts Magazine

My friends have left me alone to go to Yorkshire for a few days and to play a gig and I'm now spending my weekend alone catching up with everything. It's nice to be alone sometimes!

To get going this morning I worked on this native american pattern in relationship with my upcoming book Tukota. The print is available for purchase in my Society6 store for now until I have my new paper stock and prints all sorted for my Etsy shop. Don't forget there's currently still 30% off all purchases when you use the discount code 'summer' as long as my old stock lasts! Postcards are only a pound now!

A bit of warming up and on to the next thing ... Two stags. Believe!

This image is only one fractions of a larger image I'm working on at the moment ... The final image will be 1.88 m high and hand-drawn in detail as well as collaged over the next 2 months.

Tukota is taking a backseat at the moment while I'm working on this but I will continue working on it whenever I get the time.

I also wanted to share a link to Digital Arts Magazine with you. The July 2011 issue is out now and I'm showcased there. Just follow the link to buy yourself a copy!  I shall share more pictures once I have my own one here :) Thank You!

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Rachel Clare Price said...

Thats amazing about digital arts yay! I looove the stags illustration :)