1 Jan 2011


Today on the 1.1.11 I have 111 followers!
Weird coincidence really and if you are superstitious or otherwise know more about number constellations than I do ... this might even symbolize something !?! Hehehe ...let me know!

Happy New Year to all of you anyways! Thanks for following and commenting and all your input. It really means a lot to me! Thank you, Thank You! 2010 has been breathtaking, mind-blowing, relentless and many many other of my favourite words and I hope 2011 will be as exciting for you and me and everyone we know. There is projects to work on, to do do lists to get through, plans to be hatched, animals to bring to life and new people to meet!
To Good Times and making the world smile a little more!

:: Here is a picture and a link to Poolga.
Poolga (if you don't know it already) is a collection of downloadable art and wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices created by selected illustrators and designers.
I was invited to submit which I gladly did as I love the site! Thank you Poolga!
Above you can see the magical wood at night and at day time ready to slip through cyber space onto your screen ;) It's an illustration I created for my book the Bumble Bear & The Grizzly Bear what now seems a very looong year and a bit ago.

:: :: The very brilliant Jamie Mills has started a new blog! You should follow it here.
365 days are over now and you can watch a video that Jamie put together recapping 2010 over there.
Oh the emotions!

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