8 Jan 2011

Hi folks!

I'm currently cut off the internet so excuse me vanishing without any notice.
I do on occasion get the chance to go online of course (like right now) and I wanted to update you on some things I have been working on ...
One of my plans for 2011 was to touch on the subject of humans. Drawing humans isn't something I have done a lot of in 2010. This is half a human. A start ... and I'm much more comfortable doing it this way! I do believe we all look like animals and in fact are we not animals anyway?
Do you think you look/have the characteristics of an animal? Not having anything to disturb me here has really helped me focus on these two images in the last couple of days and I have very much enjoyed working on them:

This is ::HIM:: The one I love!
 This is ::HER:: Me maybe!

I also found some ace new kitty cushions in a charity shop.
Little Crumb can be seen performing to an audience on my bed now!

I hope to be as productive as I can while I'm out of the cyber-web. I have already printed off work from 2010 and decorated my wall with it. Actually it's nearly everything I have done on there.
More or less like a time-line. I promise to take some pictures and upload them soon. It's too dark right now!

Good night and good morning!


Angelina Ioannides-Beer said...

so awesome!

Mya.L said...

Little Crumb is a real tart! ;)