26 Oct 2010

A little date with A little German

Yesterday night I met a fellow illustrator that had come all the way from Bergen in Norway to London.
Can you guess who it is? ...Yes? ...
It was the amazing and wonderful Tini Malitius! You will probably know her by the name of @ALittleGerman. This lady is intelligent, funny and entertaining and creates some very sweet characters.

You can view her work on her website http://tinimalitius.com  and I'm also posting up some of my personal favourites. Isn't Chewbacca an absolute treat?

Thank you for the lovely time Tini! I won't forget when I spilled the drink down myself and how I lost and then found my bag 10 min after meeting you. Yeah!
And what was that about the chocolate exchange? Hmmmmm ... YUM!
Maybe see you in Norway one day! x

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