26 Oct 2010

Ballad Of Front Cover and Party

The new Ballad Of Front Cover can now be officially revealed and here it is by yours truly.

You can preorder the new issue on the Ballad Of website and so you should because it will be packed with goodness!

To celebrate the launch of the new issue and Ballad Of's Birthday we are also having a party/ exhibition in Jaguar Shoes in Shreditch on the 12th of Nov. Please come along as I have been silly enough to agree to drawing live in front of all of you ;D Yes you heard right. Drawing with me will be the great @iamanoctopus @yoamomonstruos @nat_o @JamieMilk @MurrayMangoose.

Here is the beautiful Party invite by the very amazing Julia Pott (@juliapott). You have all the details there so no need to miss this special occasion! See you all there!



itslikeart said...

congrats on the cover! it's gorgeous!! I may see ya at the launch!! :)

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

Oh thank you kind lady! Yes come I think it will be muchos fun ;D x