19 Jun 2009

Photo day & who are you?

A day full of beautiful photographs!

First of all I want to say thank you to Laura (sister planet) for her amazing photo gift of the
'Tiny cat in the poppies'.
I love this image and I have stood it up on my desk to stare at it. It is such an impossible picture to take and the light is fantastic.
It is aspirational and inspirational in so many different ways.
It would be nearly impossible to recreate such magic by illustrating it but I might have a go ;-)
Thank you Laura and keep on shooting !!!

My kitten Crumb turned out to be a little boy and is growing up really well...
Such a joy and I'm really in love...probably another reason why the Laura's cat picture captured me so much...

I also cleared out the basement of our very old London Victorian house and crawled amongst various big spiders into the very very darkest part (pretty scary) and found these fantastic photographs covered in dust. Generations of people have housed here and until now the basement had never been cleared out.
The images are all really really beautiful !!! I nearly burned them when I was drunk but luckily my partner advised me not to and I am very happy about it. I think I was temporarily and insanely enchanted by a large barrel that I called 'Barrel' that I had found in a skip and just wanted to burn everything that day...anyway...

this girl looks like a very young Kate Moss. Who are you?
Did you live in my house?

Fun fun fun !!!
Have a lovely day you all x


FruensWerk2 said...

Great pile of nice photos Sandra...:)))
We got a problem at weekword...Jenna (last weeks wordfinder) is off to Finland...and I can´t see if she picked who´s next?
So if no ones picked, would you like to come up with next weeks word? It´s tomorrow...haha sorry...:DDD

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Thank you ;-)
Yes I will...I'll post it later on ;-)
jajaja xxx

aimee said...

what a find!! thank god you didn't burn them. i'd still be lost in those boxes of photos, imagining their stories, the lives of their owners, wondering what caused such a scene of joy at the laundromat...

i'm cracking up at fruenswerk's comment... 'we got a problem at weekword...'

can't wait to see which word you pick!