22 Jun 2009

This weeks weekword

Hallo everyone!
I was asked to be this weeks word finder!
Apparently and how Fruenswerk put it so nicely:
"We got a problem at weekword...
Jenna is off to Finland...and hasn't picked who is next to decide!"
So it's me and I chose surprise. Surprise me with your surprise ;-)
Can't wait to see everyones interpretations.
Leave a comment if your interested in taking part and I'll include your links ;-)
Fun fun fun x


Veja cecilia said...

I´m in:) what a great word. I will have fun with this one:)

FruensWerk2 said...

Haha...funny...And I can imagine why the word is surprise...haha...
but I´m happy you wanted to play and find a great word...So I´m in girl :)...Thank U ;)

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Yes it is time for all of us to have some fun ;-)
And being the weekword finder was a surprise ..hahaha.
Stop being serious this week and enjoy yourselfs!
I'm off to my fathers place in Germany this Thursday taking 7 of my friends with me. We are all planing to have a 5 day party and called it Hudestock because my town is called Hude and it's in memory of Woodstock ;-)
I'm still looking for a way of surprising my dad so maybe this weeks photos and drawings will be my inspiration!
Have fun x

Alexandra Hedberg said...


ahhhh.. I was just looking for who was going to give the next weekword. This week I'm in!

aimee said...

great word - count me in!

Aris said...

count me in!!!

Aris said...

count me in!!!!

Anairam said...

Yep, I would also like to surprise everybody - and be surprised - I'm in!

Esti said...

I'll be playing along!