17 Jun 2009

The news today...

I'm now signed to An Illustration Agency.
You can visit me here for comission work or just to have a look.

AN illustration agency is a London based Illustrators representative, representing visual artists from UK, Europe and Beyond!
Have a look !!!

I'm also taking part in an exhibition at Glastonbury that is set up by a group called the TAA.
You can see the work I'm submitting in the last image ;-)
The TAA travel across Europe putting on art exhibitions in squats and free spaces they can find to spread art through the community as much as they can.

This is the website for the group http://www.taaexhibitions.org/. If you have a look at the photos it'll give you an idea of the kind of thing they'll be doing at Glastonbury.
http://www.subterraneanartbrighton.org/ will give you a closer look at the collective that are actually putting on the Glastonbury exhibition!
Yes, busy times ;-)

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Chetan Kumar said...

Congratulations Sandra! Che (illustration 3rd year) :)