1 Oct 2012

Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals

This morning the postman brought me an exciting package all the way from across the pond and in it was 'Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals' the new book by the very lovely and talented Carla Sonheim (@carlasonheim) who put this entire body of work together. She was kind enough to ask me to be a contributor and I happily agreed.

Carla writes about the book:
This book features 9 “messing around” exercises and 10 “mixed-media” projects (which, together, touch on almost all of my painting and drawing tricks and techniques that I’ve used the past 20 years — whether drawing animals, people, flowers, or playing around with abstraction — so even if you’re not an animal nut like me, I hope you will find something helpful in “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals."

The book was published by Quarry and is available :: here ::


Emma Margaret said...

This book looks great! Its been added to my birthday wish-list :)

Mya.L said...

Well said young lady! x

Camila Faria said...

How adorable! I can`t wait to have this book in my hands.