17 Sep 2012

Giveaway Winners

Hello Everyone!
It's finally time to announce the winners of my giveaway. There have been way over 200 comments on Facebook, my blog and elsewhere and I have spend many days being surprised and touched and uplifted by your amazing thoughts and words. Thank you all so so much for your spirited efforts. I'm totally overwhelmed and let me tell you that a hat could not have held all the snippets of paper with your comments so I had to spread them out on my bed instead to pick the winners of the five A3 prints. For everyone that hasn't won this time 'there will be a next time' and maybe even soon as I have another little gift in waiting to be released. For this time the winners are ( picked completely randomly by my friend and without looking) :: SWEET DREAMS - @Juliette Flackenbutter Brilliance // MAGIC BREEZE - @Thais Esmeraldo //FOX TREE - @Allison Honeylily //MOON - @Marianne 'Stevie' Reed // TOMORROW BEAR - @Louise Firchau ... Congratulations! If you could all get in touch and email me your postal addresses that would be great. Thank You all so so so much again! Until next time ... xxx

My email :: sanidieckmann@gmail.com

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