6 Jul 2012

Le Kiosk

My first stockist in Sweden is now selling my goods and this is what they write: "We fell head over heels for brittish artist Sandra Dieckmann's wonderful prints. Sandra has created a subtle, modern fairytale world with animals, wildlife and humans. For us she's like a modern John Bauer. For all of you that aren't familiar with Swedish art history we can inform you that he was a Swedish artist at the early 2000-century, famous for his fairytale art. 

Well composed with exquisite colour sense and surpassing richness in details. Take a look at the close-ups you'll see what we mean! " 

Go and check out Le Kiosk ... it's a beaut!


Fedulab said...

You deserve all the good compliments of this world! ;) Fedulab blog

iknow said...

Well great design and fabulous work. I would love to appreciate your blog and surely you deserve it. You have created the art just like interesting interactive kiosks which are just like speaking to you and responding like humans. Love the work and thanks for sharing such nice post with us. I am going to follow your blog.