4 Jun 2012

Etsy UK exhibition at the Clerkenwell Design week

Hello Folks!

It's been a while. I've been writing-lazy and I've been away and and and.
I'm gonna start a quick succession of short blog posts to cramp in everything that's been happening in the last three weeks or so.

First I wanted to report (with some bad phone pictures) of the Etsy UK at Clerkenwell design week that I was part of. Alongside the work of 7 other Etsy artists including my friend Jamie Mills and Harriet Gray, James Ward, a.k.a. Jimbobart, was drawing his trademark 'Cake Defender' bear in a bath, in a live installation spanning 3 days within the Etsy showroom. Some of Julia Pott's animation Belly was also showing which was a nice addition to the show.

We had a great (and boiling hot) time with many drinks and chats and it was great to meet the lovely Heidi Burton (@MakeStrangers) there finally.

Good times ;-)

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