26 Jan 2012


The very first issue ever of the beautiful German V-mag is out now and it's a stunner! 
You must have a look and ohhh ... it smells so fresh of printing press! Danke V-mag for this wonderful piece of art and featuring my work and the few words I had to utter! I love it! If you want a video tour through the mag just click :: here ::


Trade Your Talent said...

Looks fantastic! I would really love to interview for my blog one day! All best from Berlin, Susanna

Nayoun kim said...


Alice Lotti said...

Hi, I am Alice, an italian illustrator and graphic designer.
I love so much your works!! you're really good...
I also like animals and their sweaters. I want to show a similar job I've done before knowing your site. You can see it here: www.alicelotti.com