5 Aug 2011


... I had no better title and this has nothing to do with Genesis.
Will you believe we are in August? Look at Harold there on the right, he can't believe it either.
 I guess I try and be back ... I always say that though. The realisation that I haven't blogged for two weeks leaves me speechless. Were have the two weeks gone? Does time speed up the older you get?
How are you doing? I haven't seen you for ages! I have to tell you something ... maybe I'm just not such an avid blogger in the end.
While I'm waiting for and feeding my printer with paper to get on top of my Etsy orders I decided to yet again take pictures of my home studio. As you can see it is very tidy and I have extended my tables to the right. This is all due to a massive changing frenzy that overcomes me when I'm about to deliver some serious workload. I believe it is called procrastination and a big part of my creative process.
Here we are anyways ... the walls are fuller and after two month here I really really have settled in.
My three Australian b&w animal prints are finally up and there is even a cosy sitting area in the window bay that you can sitt in when you come and visit me to slurp tea or coffee or other beverages of your choice. It's a good thing you are not here today though as I would be rambling on as I do now! Another part of me procrastinating.
Let's hope that after I have taking myself for my walk, have changed the plant pot from one side of the room to the other about 50 times over, have stared at my dirty feet and refreshed pages I will finally get to draw that wolf that got dyed green and got made up to look like a German Shepard. I don't know.
I love you all! Be nice to each other!


Vasare Nar said...

really enjoy posts like this, its always nice to have a peek at other artists work space:), your studio looks really tidy! i like that there is loads of light and that sofa with all the pillows looks really cozy!. I just did a post on my mini studio but its complete mess compared to yours! hehe, also what printer do you use? i have some HP one but it seems that it uses nearly all magenta ink if i print one full a4 page..so its very expensive :(

StylistBrighton said...

What a gorgeous space. I would feel so at home there. x

Annarack said...

It looks so cosy and I just saw my box diorama on top of your book shelf :)
You never ramble on me dear. I am always interested in what you say and write. I look forward to your next post.

Hyein Lee said...

Wow.. what a beautiful work space! I really want your polar bear seat cushion! So cool :)

skwak said...

your studio is so lovely! it is chock full of stuff, yet looks tidy. my space is chock full of stuff but is not tidy, so this is a little poke in the ribs that I should clean up. love your illustrations, too :)

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

Hello! Hello! 5 comments! Thank you!