5 Apr 2011

I'm working late ...

I finally finished a private commission today. I can't really show it to you because it involves individuals that want to stay private but I show you the characters that are in it (with pixelated faces of course).
It is a wood-living family. Mr. Deer, Mrs Fox and baby squirrel. The background is also staying secret. Sorry! It feels weird pixelating your own illustration but hey!

Now I have embarked on a bison drawing.
It's going well but I don't know how long my eyes will stay open. The vision is driving me on ;-)
You never know if it will be there tomorrow!

I also just wanted to share this funny picture of Little Crumb sitting in my new bike basket with you!
Licking his mouth ;-) Viva Crumbly !!!

1 comment:

shaper said...

the deer reminds me of Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke:)