19 Mar 2011

Milky Onions, Great Dames & another little thing

Hallo There!

How are you all on this lovely and super sunny Saturday?
Well the sun is gone now and I have to admit that I missed a lot of it since I needed a nap during the day due to too much late night fun yesterday but hey ... I think I only got in at 2pm today.
I hope the lovely day will repeat itself tomorrow so I can jump on a train and find a quite green spot somewhere.
The Milky Onions played their second gig and it was awesome again!
Really really good! I'll try and get some new recordings of them to show you soon!
For now you can listen to some stuff already here !
The Kandy Kane Kids also delivered a great set! Loads of fun!

:: KandyKane Kids ::

:: Milky Onions ::

The lovely ladies behind the Great Dames blog invited me to be featured so I answered an interview.
:: This is it all here ::

There is also this lovely little feature up on Origami Chicken. Thank You and bye now!

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