3 Aug 2010

Drawing for a new printer 3 // Thank you Katy!

My third image of gratitude is completed.
Thank you Katy for your generous support!
As you prescribed we should have more superpower creatures in the world!
This is your mix of an orangutan, bunny rabbit, dugong and hummingbird.
The gentlest, kindest, most laid back creature in the world!
If you want to help out like Katy has visit my blog post My printer for more information.
This morning I have collected £130 already. Only £70 more and I can afford that printer!
Who wants to get in the last order?

Little Crumb and me are saying goodnight with some nice pictures of him in a bag and his friend the rabbit box!


Mya.L said...

I am a fan of Crumb!

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

I am a fan of Crumb upside down!

Daughter Earth said...

ha ha! crazy and perfect! Thank you!