28 Jul 2010

Drawing for a new printer No.2 // Thank you Alex!

My second fundraiser drawing is complete! The generous Alex Mathers asked me to draw something related to the theme of his contemporary illustration blog apeonthemoon.com (i.e to do with space, monkeys, the future etc). If you don't know it already have a look over there. Alex is a fantastic illustrator and designer himself as well offering loads of helpful industry advice through the Red Lemon Club. I hope you like what I have done here Alex and thank you so much for your support!
I wish the scann could represent the real bright oranges but I guess You'll see that once the original is in your hands.
Have I mentioned what a challenge it is to ONLY work on paper! No photoshop for miles...hard!

For everyone else that is interested in getting their hands on one of my drawings please read my previous post My Printer to see how to donate and help me out.

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AnnaDenise said...

Your cat is adorable! :-) And what a gorgeous drawing!