25 Jul 2010

Barbican Film Quiz //101 Things to do this summer

We had a super fun time at the Barbican's Film Quiz night yesterday!
I wasn't really expecting much but it turned out to be really fun although we didn't even reach the top 5. Got beaten by some serious movie nerds that we actually knew as well ! :O We were the loudest though and we took home the quiz master for a small party in my friends flat that lives up in the Barbican apartments. The views! Oh my!
You should check it out! There's loads of things going on at the Barbican this summer!
Events under the Motto: 101 Things to do this summer.
Excuse for the appalling photos. They should have probably not been posted at all!
Old 18th Century Nokia's aren't exactly the best camera phones although mine has 1.3 Megapixel! Wow!
Thinking about it my little loyal phone does deserves to have some of it's pictures posted !

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