26 May 2010

A blog post

So it's Wednesday night and I'm mentally and physically absolutely exhausted from the work I do when I'm not creating imagery.
The job is fantastic as I work one week on and one week off but it really takes it out of me when I'm on.
Working for the RSPCA which is nice as well ;-) Doing good for the little furry friends.

I had decided to take a few snapshots here and there during the weeks that I'm busy ( as a should do rule ) but I'm not very good with keeping to repetitive rules and blog posting so the camera was often forgotten and the time with friends enjoyed with cider and laughter.

Now I'm off again and looking forward to working on the stuff I love most. It's like a week of holidays every second week. Yey!

My project 'If I Was You' was well received and I already have a long waiting list of fab illustrators and artists lining up to take part and enjoy this colourful illustration domino game.
The first artist that is taking part was due to submit tonight but had personal troubles so we will have to wait a little longer to see his response to 'If I was Sandra'. I'm really looking forward to it as he is absolutely amazingly talented.

There is also a few exciting collaborations coming up and a print feature and and and, but more of that later when I have sorted out myself what to do first and when to tell the tale and once all my notes and plans have found their scribbly place on that big white piece of paper on my blue built in wardrobes that I'll be leaving behind in a months time to return to good old east London.
That was a long sentence and an even longer blog post.

Just felt like saying hi. Also 'hello' to all the new followers! Welcome here ;-)
Below are a few pictures I found on my camera that need airing. Cat  - out - book shelve cuties and what not.

Don't forget to listen to us Milky Onions! 

See ya!


Mya.L said...

Hey you lady! If you're not at the RSPCA on Saturday (tomorrow 29th May) and you have some spare time, come and see me at the Craft Guerrilla Market at 34 Orford Road in Walthamstow!

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Nice to see you here ;-)
I'm not in the RSPCA but also have other plans already...maybe in the afternoon!
How long will you be there?
I'll try try try ;-) xxx