12 Jun 2009


Esti decided on "family" as this weeks weekword.
Sometimes good friends are just like family.
Other "weekworders" this week are: anairam, nathalie et cetera, alexandra, fruenswerk, aris, aimee, jenna, trinsch, and kristi.

I hope you all have a lovely night x


Veja cecilia said...

Everything about this work is great. the way u used the material, the composition, the expression on their faces, the colors. just love it:)

asphaltandair said...

love this.
the mix of colors and textures is fabulous.
and those eyes on both the critters! just great.
And you are right indeed - good friends are like family!

lea said...

don't know where to start - this is such a great interpretation and very creative and inventive use of different materials and textures! fabulous : )

Aris said...

Love it!!!!!