23 Nov 2008

"If I could I would..."


Here is a little preview of the children's book I made.
Hope you enjoy it!

Check out the whole story HERE

book sleeve

book cover

Lina really didn't like Maths at all.
She found it hard and confusing and she always made a lot of mistakes.

At the beginning of the lesson Mrs. Hopegood asked Lina to correct the mistakes of her last peer assessment and also to redraw the regular pentagon.
Lina didn't like that at all, so she began to colour it in instead.
Nice and red with eyes and a cute little nose.

Lina had just finished the red triangle and was thinking about which colur to use for the next one, when a hairy hand with four claws grabbed around the page.
It took the triangle right out from the Lina's pentagon.
Lina stared at the page of her Maths book with great surprise.

Curious to know who the paw belonged to Lina turned the page and saw...

A big bushy Triangle-Monster pilling out triangles from all over the pages. The triangles were blue and red, yellow and green and seemed as surprised as Lina was. Some even looked frightened.

Lina smiled. It was the first time she had ever smiled during Maths.
Mrs. Hopegood must have noticed.
Lina didn't hear her footsteps as the teacher walked over to her table.
Only when her exercise book was pulled from her table did Lina realise what was happening.


exclaimed Lina as Mrs. Hopegood snatched her book of her table.
If Mrs. Hopegood saw she hadn't corrected her mistakes and insted was drawing and dreaming, Lina would be in great trouble.
What would happen to her if the teacher contacted her parents?
Or worse, would Lina be expelled?
Lina looked down at the now empty table.

After what seemed like hours Mrs. Hopegood finally spoke:

"This is really very good work Lina!"
I can't see a single mistake. Just please remember next time it is enough to write the numbers. Do not spend so much time on making it all look pretty."

When the book was returned to her table Lina couldn't believe her own eyes.

The work had been done.
But how?...
By who?...

(The triangle on the back of the book shouts "Yeah Yeah Yeah", confirming that they are behind the completed assessment.)

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●• Tiny Red said...

it looks great hun! i'll have to finish mine tomorrow...