17 May 2013

Gabriel's Clock Cover

Gabriel's Clock Cover by www.sandradieckmann.com

I had the pleasure of putting my hands and head to this commissioned artwork for Gabriel's Clock written by the brilliant Hilton Pashley this year. Working on both Illustrations and lettering.
This wonderful book is published by Andersen Press through The Random House Group and will be released in October 2013. Enjoy clicking through more pictures on my website :: www.sandradieckmann.com/Gabriel-s-Clock-Random-House

You can pre-order it here now! www.randomhouse.co.uk/editions/gabriels-clock/9781849395786


Tammie Lee said...

this looks fabulous!
i took a look at the other illustrations in the book... awesome!

Jo Cheung said...

Amazing Sandra, well done!!!

Mya.L said...

I can see it finished, at last! x

Anonymous said...

Wow, that book is very interesting! Time is really ticking and I need to have one of it fast! I bet my daughter will love that book too! It’s certainly a must buy! Is it already available? Thanks for sharing! Hope you’re having a fun and bubbly day! See ya around!

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