20 Sep 2012

Mythical Creatures Postcard Book

Ladies and gentleman let me say I'm proud to present you with 'Mythical Creatures' the the fourth limited edition postcard book by Girls Who Draw. Only 1000 copies have been printed and the publication boasts a new, larger format, with each book containing 24 postcards featuring a new line-up of 12 female illustrators from around the UK.

Each illustrator has created two original postcard designs based on the theme of Mythical Creatures. There are 22 different characters from myths, legends and folklore as well as some characters which have been created especially for the book.

Over the last few years Girls Who Draw has grown from a small group of illustrators to a larger network of contributors. They collaborate in order to publish a postcard book once a year and each new book is accompanied by an exhibition. There will be at least one Mythical Creatures exhibition as well as a number of smaller spin off projects and collaborations.

To introduce the book there is FREE SHIPPING in my EtsyUK shop for a little while only so get your hands on this beauty HERE while it's still free ;-)

For more information about Girls Who Draw please visit girlswhodraw.wordpress.com
Contributors this year are:
Beth Morrison, Currentstate, Esther McManus, Gemma Correll, Karoline Rerrie, Kate Hindley, Kristyna Baczynski
Lee May Foster-Wilson, Mina Braun, Ruth Green, Yee Ting Kuit and me Sandra Dieckmann.

For further information about the Mythical Creatures book, exhibition and associated projects please go to mythicalcreaturesbook.blogspot.com 

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