19 Sep 2011

Kes // Colour Variation & New Products

Hello everyone!

I really wanted to change my new illustration Kes this morning and so I did.
I'm way more happy now with the colours- for once - and I wanted to celebrate by giving away the first ever print of 'Kes'.  Just follow my twitter  and leave me a tweet including #KES. I would love to see you there!

I have also made the print available on Society6 as well as t-shirts, laptop and iphone skins. 
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Hazel Castle said...

Stunning! A really emotive piece

phoebekirk said...

so beautiful your style is incredible, very jealous :)

Jessika Tarr said...

This is gorgeous. I love the boy's expression and the contrast between the background and his reddish hair.

Ben Thompson said...

What is the boy looking at? (My daughter thinks it is the dead animal that the hawk killed.)

falsesymmetry said...
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katey jean said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Sandra!