22 Jul 2011


Sometimes you get gifts that make you smile and sometimes there is some that make you dance and sing and say Ohhhh!

I was really impressed and am so so thankful for the variety, effort and sheer beauty of this package I received of the wonderful Annarack the other day. Handmade Origami boxes, little drawings, a very lovely letter and this amazing box with an intricately cut landscape.
I even got a tiny robot pendant from the 60's/70's.
Really impressive work Anna Jane Searle ! You should all go visit her work on Flickr and add her on Twitter. Her embroidery work that most don't know about is absolutely stunning and Anna Jane is probably one of the most chatty people I have ever met online ... you won't be dissapointed!
Thank You so so much!


Annarack said...

AWESOME!!!! Pictures look well good. Did I name the box Diorama something? I thought it could be called 'Woodmans Cottage amongst the mountains'. So glad you like all your goodies.

Anonymous said...

Anna is amazing! she sent me a diorama with bears walking amongst mountains. I sang and I danced too. Are you doing mail art Sandra? I would love to start exchanging with you... we are both animals lovers and fans of each others work, so I was curious about this exchange. All the best.