31 May 2011

Old Women

I have promised myself this year to tackle the subject of humans.
I'm pretty shy about drawing faces but this morning I just sat down and started sketching.

I was really inspired by some folks that I met at the Alternative Press Festival at the weekend. Especially Catell Ronca who was amazing to speak to and who pushed me to just start .

I'm used to working with close photographic references to get my animal proportions just right. This time I just drew loosely and I quite like how my line is so much softer. Now lets see if I manage to bring both together ;-)

I have also finally caught Little Crumb. He hates being in the house these days. The pictures took a lot of convincing and he is totally pissed off now and has gone out to join his cat friends once again ...

(reference for having an animal stuck on your head & befriending it later...)


zillustration said...

Medicine Women! Like the friendly expressions. Tough to keep the face pleasant when adding age to a person.
Cat Hat is great reference! Because you have dark hair, it merges well with Kitty's fur color. It's nearly a seamless transition. Hey... My sister has the same print in her living room (crying girl with Collie)

note: Kitty claws in the back of your hand in bottom picture.

mermet said...

Interesting drawing project. Admires Little Crumb's white paws!

Mya.L said...

Nice hat! Er, I mean cat!