29 Apr 2011

Bear Giveaway Winners

Here we are!
I'm wearing my special Bear Club Jumper to celebrate the end of the 'Bears are Best' giveaway.
Sorry for the idiotic face ... I have been cycling all day and look rather strange and redish ... I also didn't know what face to make ;-) I just wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming response! This has been my favourite giveaway so far! I have actually created a favourite animal hitlist from all the comments and counted :: bears : brown, black, sun, polar & panda 12, cats & kittens 9, owls 5, giraffes 4, dogs 4, deer 3, birds 3, lions 3, elephants 3, squirrels 3, pigs 3, tortoises 3, apes 3, hares & rabbits 3, foxes 3, wolf 2, zebras 2, sloth 2, slow loris 2, rhinos 2, humpback whales 1, caribous 1, red pandas 1, anteater 1, bat 1, duck 1, penguin 1, snow leopards 1, jellyfish 1, seahorse 1, tiger 1, water bear 1, seals 1, frog 1, otter 1, lynx 1, octopus 1, newts 1

Here is my favourite box ... still empty.

Here it is filled with all of your 67 names and lovely comments.

  I employed Mr. Squirrel specially to pick the winner. He does a mean high five!
Here he is picking the winner.

And the winner is:

Congratulations Jennifer ! Please email me your address so I can send that big roaaring Grizzly bear on his way to you!

Mr. Squirrel was not happy with me having only one winner and convinced me to pick two more.
I thought it would be a nice idea to give runner up no.1 an A4 print of their choice and no.2 an A5.
You can pick any from my Etsy shop :: here
The runners up are 1. Hazel Castle   &  2. lepetitmonsieur ;-) Get in touch!
Happy days & Thank you all so much again!


mizhenka said...

That jumper is amazing!

Well done to the winners! You do the bestest giveaways.

Anonymous said...

oh my GOODNESS so cute e v e r y t h i n g. hey mr. squirrel, *hi fivah*.

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...


l.i.l.y said...

So sweet! I love just reading your blog! :)x

Hazel Castle said...

Thankyou!! Can't wait to see it! I never usually win anything!!
Your work is amazing!