14 Nov 2010

A sleepless night with the treetops

It is 2:20 in the morning and in good health I would now be jamming and recording covers of fun 80's classics with friends and too many drinks in a warehouse in East London.
Good health is not with me tonight so I let those guys bugger off on their own and decided to put my shivering flu ridden body to bed. I don't like to moan on here but my chest feels ice cold and as if it's not part of me. I'm scared to cough, speak or yawn as it hurts too much.
To take my mind of it all I thought I relax and start drawing treetops which might be part of an illustration for one of the magazine front cover/feature interviews I've been asked to do. I had the idea while watching a documentary where a helicopter paned over the beautifully lit landscape. The finished image should be released in about a months time if I do choose this one. I will tell you when the time comes and show what else is part of it ;D
Now the flat above me has decided to celebrate in the most boisterous fashion. It is loud to say the least and someone might come crashing through the ceiling right into my bed.
That wouldn't be so bad actually! I hope they are having fun but I also hope that they are boring enough to stop sometime before 8 am. I'm saying that with hope in my heart. I'm rambling which I detest but tonight is different! Movie No.1 Blind Date with Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger, Movie No. 2 Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite which I mightily enjoyed and last but not least now starting to watch Fargo by the Coen brothers , amazing and seen before, of course on VHS! Who has DVD's anyway? Goodnight Everyone! More Treetops and bits and bobs to come.
Ps: Now I have returned to this it is 4:20 ... still hoping ;D

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Mya.L said...

Ice cream! They look like ice-cream ! Maybe you should eat some and you might get better soon, hopefully. x