13 Nov 2010

Ballad Of Magazine Launch party and live drawing event

Yesterday night myself and 5 amazing artists (JamieMilk, Erd Yakingun, Murray Somerville, Natsuki Otani and Tom Bates) embarked on a fun and incredibly hot (sweaty, roasting) live drawing event at the Ballad Of Nanny Floff magazine launch party.
We did it and I had an incredible time although I was really dying with the flu! I just couldn't miss it! I'm paying for it today but I don't care ... You might remember that I did the front cover for the Magazine.
Was really weird seeing my polar bear illustration all over the walls and on the posters and on the lovely tote bags the girl gave out. Amazing! Thank you everyone for coming and joining us and wearing the party hats. It was packed thanks to you and I had a great time! Here are some pics stolen of the Ballad Of girl's Facebook and @moonbeatle's as well ;D Apart from that I know that Burst Magazine has uploaded some more pictures on their Flickr!
My backside is in the last image and I'm wearing a brightly patterned dress. I didn't have a face yesterday not that I remember anyway! Cheerio x


Little Monarch said...

That looks like Erd in that last photograph... he did my little monarch logo which I now have tattooed on my arm! love it. Like I LOVE your illustrations. so beautiful x x x

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

It is Erd indeed ;D He must be chuffed that his work got immortalized on your skin! Wow!
Thank you for the kind words as well! LOVE xxx

Mya.L said...

Yes, THE AMAZING, I totally agree with that!

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

Blushing blushing blush blush ;D Thank you!