19 May 2009


with a digital SLR Camera.
Oh how nice it is to use a good camera ;-)

University was so kind to provide us with brand new digital SLR cameras that we can take home for a week.

I had a go today and took a few shots of my new Moo cards, my past artwork and of course my Kitten ;-)

Have a lovely evening everyone


Alexandra Hedberg said...

they look really great your moo cards! illustration and graphic design looks so good on them. especially when they are fantastic from the beginning!

It's just so tempting to keep ordering more and more. I have to finish the ones I have first:(

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Yes I know!
Hahaha I have no money to eat some months and still buy stationary and Molys and Moo cards.
I guess it's an addiction and it's just so nice to actually see your own artwork professionally printed ;-)

Just order some ! Hahaha...I did the same x

●• Tiny Red said...

everything looks great babes! and that kitten is the cuttest :)

am at uni now, thought you were going to come... will prob be stuck here all day...


Sandra Dieckmann said...

Yeah !!!
Thanks...I'm working.
Emailed Eddie. I didn't have enough time to come and go when we don't even know if we have to present.
I'll be in on Friday though...
Hope your day is still ok....without me and being stuck there ;-)

FruensWerk2 said...

Great work...like like like :)))