14 Oct 2008

Project 2 'Illustrate Power'

"To provide explanatory or decorative pictures to accompany a printed, spoken or electronic text"

"The art or process of producing pictures to accompany a text"

This is the brief that I'm working on at the moment for my Illustration 3 module.
The first few weeks are all dealing with the subject of power. I have chosen the power of the mind and my first Illustration titled 'The power of curiosity'.

When I thing of mind power I am interested in investigating confused minds, mental illness and obsessive behavior that open fascinating realms of thinking in an individual.

One of my favourite books dealing with the obsessive thought process of a murderer is 'The Perfume' by Patrick Suskind. I considered to work on this text for my illustration but later changed my mind to working on a shorter text since this is only a 14 day project.

I will post info about my final choice and beggining Illustrations later today and just wanted to say that I think everyone should at some stage watch "The Devil and Daniel Johnston".

Daniel is one of my favourite songwriters and a great inspiration.

His artwork reflects his mental illness and inner obsessions and fears and I have included a couple of pages about him in my sketchbook for this project.

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